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The “square” meal conundrum

on December 3, 2015

I have my very best thoughts either in the shower or while blow drying my hair. I don’t know why that is, but I have noticed a trend for sure.

Today I was thinking about lunch (at 6:30 am because I am almost always thinking about food) and what I could scrap together to be reasonably healthy. I remembered that this food delivery meal service we have through work was offering this Gyro place today. This place has THE BEST HOMMUS (or Hummus but thats how they spell it on their menu) EVER. Last time I ordered a meal there though it was much higher in calories then I wanted to spend for lunch. I had the brief notion I could just eat the pita bread and hommus. instantly the thought hit my how I cannot wrap my mind around something being a “meal” if it breaks a preconceived notion in my head of what that “Square” meal should be. Some break and hommus was a snack.. in no way was it a meal. For breakfast I am ok with some oatmeal or eggs with toast or bacon. For Lunch and dinner in general, I notice that I always have 2-3 things unless there is pizza. Now that I think about it, I remember not wanting to have pizza because you only get one thing. Typically my square meals contain protein (meat) a veg or salad and a starch.. So very 1980’s food groups that I grew up with and my grandmother put dinner on the table every night that included even if it was hamburger helper, also a side veggie.For my lunch I usually might have leftover that include meat and a starch..plus a veggie and a yogurt. Maybe a meal salad that includes all those things will work or a bowl of soup but I will always add the yogurt and it has to feel like a solid meal to me. It was kind of a light bulb moment of awareness for me. I need to figure out how to get around it though. To date this would be what happens-

I decide to just have the cheese and crackers and make that lunch. I eat the cheese and crackers. 30 minutes later I feel like I have not had lunch * I don’t feel hungry* and I am still needing the have that routine lunch or dinner. I do not know if I could every switch to the 6 small meals thing that is basically snacks all day. When I eat “small” meals now, it tends to be a smaller breakfast and maybe two small 100-150 calorie snacks with regular lunches and dinner. Regular does mean calorie aware and planned to meet goals but the meals are definitely defined as a lunch and dinner and more of a 2-3 item meal.

Anyway- nothing to really take away except my awareness about myself and as GI Joe always says.. knowing is half the battle…



One response to “The “square” meal conundrum

  1. I laughed at the intro to this post. When I have writer’s block, or something is bothering me and I need to clear my head – I shower. My best thoughts and clarity come in the shower haha. I’m glad it’s not just me.

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