Taking Back Someday

bring your Someday dreams into your today

Someday I am going to write

on December 2, 2015

Yesterday I took a step towards taking back the Someday I am going to write a book by signing up for a book in a month writing workshop put on by the Amazing Candy Havens. Now, signing up for stuff is actually the easy part- see the six months of boot camp I paid $700.00 for and used for one month. In fairness my Gran passed away at the end of that month and work started getting the crazy that is present day, but still…wasted wasted money, effort and ohh yeah a broken promise to myself. I am really worried about what I have gotten myself into since everyone else in the workshop seems to be somehow an already published author or at least familiar with doing more then scribbling some ideas and working things through in my mind. I am just kind of lazy and I have to say, Writing is LIKE TOTALLY HARD WORK. That I chose to do this during Hallmark and Lifetime Cheesy romantic Christmas movies always on TV is another questionable choice. But I cannot stop running through story scenes in my head and the workshop was reasonably priced and well hell, sometimes you have to take a sign from the universe and go for it. I thought about it last year when she ran this and a friend told me it’s a lot of commitment.

Commitment and I- ohh my foe- we have our issues. Committed, to an institution I usually have a better shot at but while this post comes off kind of negative, I feel really positive. I am doing affirmations and trying to be really clear in my thoughts about what I want. I feel like I just lack the knowledge and Candy says she has some tricks and tips and will guide us through and so I am going to embrace it. Hopefully at the turn of the year, I will be reporting that I have my story out of my head and in a format that can be presented to someone else.



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