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Scaling takes me away to where I’m going….

on November 24, 2015

Happy Monday!!! I start my Monday the way I start most every day when I am trying to be healthy and not in a state of ostrich- by stepping on the scale. I try really hard to make this just a routine practice, like brushing my teeth but it can still make or break the mood for the day. Ohh Joy! My weight today was down 3 pounds from the last lowest weight I had recorded, three weeks ago of 234. I have really been struggling lately with not getting my 10,000 steps, several days of not tracking and overall feeling not very strong when it comes to food choices. I had been improving that in the last few days and was glad to see that I at least stayed on track.

One of the ways I am trying to gauge making a real life change and not another bout of yo yo dieting is to (try) not to freak out or give up and to focus more on maintaining my current weight within a pound or so during times of mental struggle. What typically happens in my cycle is awesome awesome awesome….. ehhh sure full fat starbucks, a slide on tracking which brings on more unconscious ordering in restaurants (who thinks about cooking at these times) and then just a slide back into a life of overeating and regaining 20-30 pounds possibly plus more until the cycle starts again and I am kicking myself for having erased my progress. That usually comes with a Supersized order of beating myself up for years of doing this same old thing and why can’t I ever learn. So I am super smart and except for a few very stubborn areas like men and mathamatics, I am very capable of learning. So, that is one of my current intentions- Not to gain back weight that I have lost. It works like this.. Every two pounds I say aloud in my bathroom “goodbye forever 236 pounds on my body, so long and I never want to see you again” (or 240 … you get it).  This also keeps me only getting on the scale in the morning, because Ladies know… how can I gain 6 pounds DURING a day when I ate Hummus and Carrots for lunch??? So, I will see how this goes and hopefully it’s successful. I have never had trouble losing weight when I really put my mind to it but I have never successfully kept it off so I think that’s the proper place for me to focus now… saying goodbye to those pounds forever- within a self loving environment.

Thanksgiving week is here and there are two frozen pies and stuff for pumpkin fluff (the lower sugar variety though). Work will be super hectic because of the Holiday week and overall I am struggling a bit with ennui at my job anyway and the whole urge to give it up and be a hobo with my meager 401K savings. Damn my love of electricity and indoor plumbing!

Cheers to an Awesome Monday and week! Let’s kick some Booty!



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