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Vacation Days can be stressful

on November 20, 2015

I have a few extra days off until the end of the year in order to use up my vacation days or attempt to anyway, I think I will still lose 4 days. Cry my a river I know, that I am forced to take off random do nothing days. These days are actually  pretty stressful to me because I have a lot of work at my job and it has to be done. Trying to get this work done in 3 or 4 days a week is challenging and throws me off my routine because it requires working through lunch, or late or juggling meetings. Since I will use any little bit of feeling stressed or out of sync to drive me to the bowls of candy evil co-workers are STILL bringing with chocolate and stuff (if it was down to just some Starbursts or Jolly Ranchers, I could pass. Not because I don’t want to scarf them up but because the last two times I had either, I ended up missing a crown and spending too much at the dentist.)

So that’s one thing about being out of routine. You would think I would love having the time to workout, and yes I will take a walk today plus take the dog for a little walk too. However most of my goals for staying home include Hallmark Cheesy Romance Novels while I do some internet research. That leaves way too much unstructured time and a kitchen too near and you know…year old Dry Crackers from a Christmas basket last year aren’t too bad if you dip them in yogurt.

Just for fun- Yesterday I decided I needed to Test Drive the Berry Cobbler dessert I was planning to make for Thanksgiving that I found on Pintrest. This recipe links back to a recipe on Livingachangedlife.blogspot.com so giving credit there. I was excited to try this because it looked Fast and Easy- Two of my favorite qualities for cooking. It also is a Healthier recipe so I was all gung ho since I want to create a life that includes everything but still maintainable at a healthy weight so I can not only GET THERE BUT STAY THERE!

So here it is in pictures- The Easy Berry Cobbler/Crumble Recipe/Review

013c6db864569264d00096aa4981c2d20f158aa548.jpgThese are the simple ingredients. One box white cake mix (you could use any regular kind) Two 12 Oz packages of frozen Berries and a Can of Clear Soda (I used Sprite Zero Cranberry and I used almost 1.5 cans) and a 9X13 pan.



You lay out the fruit in the pan in a single layer, then pour on the cake mix across the whole pan, then cover with the soda. Here is where I didn’t like this recipe- The soda bubbles up and it says do not stir or mix but then it leaves the actual cake mix powder in clumps. I used the extra soda to try to wet more cake batter, but with the foam it was hard to do without feeling like I was going to be mixing it up. The point of the recipe is to  have a crust like top a la a crumble or cobbler so I decided not to mix it up.

I put it in the 350 degree oven for 55 minutes total. The recipe said 45-50 minutes but since I had added extra liquid I went 5 extra minutes.


This is the finished product. I have to say my house smelled SO GOOD while this was cooking. The uncooked cake mix is clearly on the top. When the LosMan got home he asked What is that on the top and looked at me skeptically (he does that anytime I say it’s a “healthier alternative” We decided to try it and I of course had bought some Ice Cream to go with it. The Verdict—— It IS really tasty with the Ice Cream. The Berry Mixture is so super sweet so it needs that a la mode. I think this is in the method of the dump cake and I think I would prefer apple, its just that’s more of a caloric killer. I do not think I will be repeating this on Thursday for the Turkey day dinner. I need to come up with something else to try.

The Downside- I am now on a vacation day at home with nothing going on but laundry and some work I brought home and a half gallon of ice cream and pan of berry cobbler stuff. Seriously it tastes a lot better then stale crackers and yogurt. I also have this thought in my head that I need to test a different dessert by Saturday. Umm hello Me, does this seem like a good idea???? (update/confession/victory cheer on this later)

So Now I am off to start the laundry, take the dog for her shorter walk so I don’t feel like Dog Mommy Dearest when I put on my sneakers for my walk and she gives me the hopeful butt wiggle and spins in her “it’s walk time circles” and I dash those doggy dreams.

In the Words of Dr. Laura-Now Go Take on The Day.








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