Taking Back Someday

bring your Someday dreams into your today

Plans go astray but make new ones!

on November 18, 2015

This morning I woke up, told myself all through my shower how great today was, looked myself in the mirror and told myself how much I loved ME. Then I went into the Kitchen and made the decision I would not use the excuse of not really planning or shopping for meals this week as an excuse and pulled together this lovely meal plan for today.


Voila, a success plan to be back on track and fuel my body with good foods. I saw that the weather which had downright sucked for the last 4 days was looking great and tossed some shoes in my bag, determined to get my step count in with a a half hour lunch walk.

YAY- today will be a Success. Then as I turned into the campus area of my building I had a sudden memory flash on my calendar that awaited me once I opened my email. Dang it- I had a vendor lunch scheduled for today. I tend to put these off in general because I don’t like going out for lunch and it takes well over an hour and they always want to go somewhere they think is great but give you the stink eye when you order a chicken caesar salad, dressing on the side because that looks like the only good option. I had put this off for a month though so off to lunch I will go.

I am the type who just doesn’t like things that don’t go as planned. (Hello Virgo) and to have put forth the effort to not make excuses and pack a lunch and make a plan to so quickly have it blown up is something that could potentially ruin my day. Yeah maybe it’s dramatic or just not that big  a deal to a lot of people but to me, it has some little trigger.

But not today- Today I will stay on track, I will adjust. I will choose something healthy and good for me where ever we go. I will focus on what I can control, which is my choices. Bad choices will lead me to feeling even worse and making more excuses and I will NOT get derailed.

Today is going to be a successful day. I will take it one step, one bite, one thought at a time.



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