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Goodbye artificial sweetner it’s been Splenda!

on May 14, 2015

Today I started trying to separate from my dieting mentality. I literally had an increase in my heartrate and a touch of fear as I wondered how to enjoy life if I don’t drink Diet Soda, lite this, fat free that. How will I drink coffee without Splenda???

I am so scared of sugar because of years of being told how it makes you fat. But I have also been drinking Diet this and that for years and NewsFlash, I am fat, have been fat most of that time in fact. It is just so scary to think that I will gain weight because I don’t think my relationship with food where I stress/binge eat etc will magically cease to disappear. So it stands to reason I would fear just HOW MUCH WEIGHT will I gain if I not only binge, and have those (ahem) BAD Days and not balance them out with all the sugar free, fat free, normal dieting days???

Again, with the racing heart. The answer is that I do not know and I am scared about it. I feel logically very strongly that the key to learning to make peace with myself, food and my relationships with both these things is in learning intutive eating, mindful eating, joyful moving of my body, and learning to love love love myself.  I am really just anxious about it because I know I am not ready to jump into the whole no processed foods no this no that. I am first working on getting rid of what I consider “diet” foods which tend to be chock full of artificial sweeter.

I know all about Stevia and other natural sugar alternatives but they just aren’t “convenient” in my daily diet.

Still, I know that pretty much everyone agrees these artificial things are not good for you so I figure they are not loving either and that’s the step I am making today to start treating myself better.


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