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Breaking up with Dieting

on May 14, 2015

Today I am breaking up with Dieting. I am convinced Dieting is an unhealthy cycle that produces yo yo extremes in body weight and destruction to your self esteem. I also think people who are chronic dieters had that great a self esteem in the first place.

I have lots 75 + pounds 4 times in my life and gained that weight back and sometimes more. It makes you feel like a failure and also even more of a failure for every subsequent time that you diet and fail. I find it even worse to think back to when I did it so I know I can.. but I CANT.

I have made the decision to go into relationship counseling with my beloved true love FOOD.

I will be working on learning about my beliefs about weight and myself and my value.

I will be working on the ideas presented in the book and ideas of Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon.

I will be working on LOVING MYSELF and doing things to show love to myself.

Stay tuned or better yet, hold my hand and let’s journey together on this Self Love Express.


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