Taking Back Someday

bring your Someday dreams into your today

Someday I am going to start a blog…..

on April 7, 2015

This is about embracing life and being the very best you every day, right where you are. It is about reaching out for those things you will do SOMEDAY and grabbing them and pulling them tighter in so they become the things you are doing Today, to be living the real authentic life you want to be living.

Now, I have been waiting and waiting for my Fairy Godmother to show up and wave a magic wand and turn my mice into maids and my pumpkin into a Jet Plane to take me traveling around the world but her GPS must be off. The time for waiting is done. Life is not perfect, I did not get a secret dream inheritance from a long lost relative and they still have not come up with a super fancy way to make me a size 10.

As a lifetime dieter I am a fount of lovely quotes about success. Darn if there isn’t something to some of those quotes. One of them I remember boldly plastered on the White flip paper at my weekly Weight Watchers meetings was this:

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

True That! I am well aware as are you my lovely friend. However it’s so easy to go with the flow or to get overwhelmed, or to not WANT to write down a plan because at the end of the day if you didn’t stick to the plan, it is just another thing you didn’t do that you should have done better. The thing is, that without a plan, you really don’t know where you are going. You need to start each day with a plan of how you want the day to go. If it didn’t go that way OK. what can you learn from that, what can you do better or how freaking Hilarious was that show you ended up binge watching instead of cleaning the house on Sunday? The simple fact is, to throw out another fabulous Dieters Quote at you…

If you always do what you’ve always done

You will always get what you always got!

One thing that is Imperative to success is to begin to make a habit of is starting your day with a plan!

I work a full time corporate job on average of 11 hours a day. My morning routine is very rushed because I cannot get out of bed any earlier then I absolutely statistically figured out was the last possible minute I needed to get out the door. Here is a little snapshot of my current morning routing where I am deciding how I want my day to go:

I roll out, take a shower, feed the dog.. then I spend 2 blurry eyed minutes righting myself in the mirror before I get ready for the day. I do the whole Stuart Smalley SNL Routine of telling myself nice things in the bathroom mirror and set my intention for the day. Really I do think this takes 2-3 minutes tops.

Then on the drive to work, I listen to a podcast or a story as inspiration for where I want to be or so that I can learn something I might be able to use in bringing my someday life a little bit closer. Occasionally, I listen to some Jams if I am in a particularly blah mood because music can be a mood changer. On the way to work, I am also guzzling my nice healthy protein smoothie I made for breakfast. (except one day last week when I put in too much kale and not enough of something… but I drank it because it was GOOD for me and my body needs those nutrients.

Once I get to work, I spend a few minutes before opening my email and the complete race that is a day in my corporate job life starts really setting my intention for the day. I review the list of goals I wrote down for the week and read them. I have Vision Flash Cards I created and I flip through those, or at least some of them, so that I can have set in mind and with the universe, some things I want and send out that vibe. I will practice EFT on a few things, because this is newer for me and something I need to continue to practice to make my go to habit in situations.

Then, currently, I open my email, Coworkers come in, and I hear the click click click of the roller coaster track as the corporate life takes priority.

One of the Goals on my goal list I reviewed just 5 minutes before….. Get out of this Corporate life into a job that energizes me… look out world.. that Someday is coming to me very soon.


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